"Zuri Salon, The Place To Be"

At Zuri Salon we make sure our clients feel comfortable and have their wishes heard. We strive to please, to make it feel like the place to be. Zuri's work and commitment to excellence have received national and international attention in leading publications. Our technicians are meticulously trained in the exclusive EuroTech Wet/Dry® cutting system...a method guaranteeing consistent and exacting results...developed by Zuri founder Peter Friedauer.

Zuri Salon

 Zuri Salon Zuri’s hair designs and commitment to excellence have received local, national and international attention in leading publications, such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Spa Finder, Mademoiselle and Glamour.  Zuri Salon’s staff is meticulously trained in the exclusive EuroTech® Wet/Dry Cutting System, a hair cutting method developed by Zuri Salon owner Peter Friedauer.

Zuri Institute

Go To Beauty School Without Going To Beauty School

Earn your license at Zuri Institute of Hair Design, the in-salon school. At Zuri Institute®, in addition to the school curriculum, we teach you the industry.  In other words, you will learn how the salon industry works…knowledge that will allow you to excel farther and faster; where we are re-defining the traditional salon career.

Zuri Products

 Zuri Products

You simply can’t underestimate the importance of quality hair care products. Without the right tools and formulas, your hair can suffer from a wide variety of problems that make it more difficult to manage, and rob it of its beauty. When you opt for Zuri hair care products, you can produce professional results at home and get silky, healthy, manageable locks that you’ll love.

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Hair by Shandra Jenning

Hair by Shandra Jenning

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Zuri Salon

Zuri Salon, The Place To Be


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Zuri Student

Zuri Institute Student learning the Euro-Tec™ Wet/Dry Cutting System.

Z-Institute Student

Zuri Institute of Hair Design Student at work.